This is the traditional #MAM OG Black Pay-What-You-Can Mask. It has been designed to address form, fit, and function to produce a better face-covering. These are available to all Monroe County, Indiana Resident's regardless of ability to pay. Please choose your ability in the drop down menu titled "Sliding Scale."


#MutualAidMasks' are fitted and come in 4 sizes.


They are also designed to sit on the "edge" of your chin so when you speak it moves with your jaw instead of into your mouth.


#MAM masks have double strap elastic headbands that go above and below the ear to improve fit and increase comfort for the long haul. 


MAM's masks also have a moldable nose guard to insure a tight seal around the nose.


These masks also come with one Filti filter with the same filtration rating as an N95. 


Extra filters are sold separately in packs of 6 as a fundraiser for #MAM here:

You can also choose to purchase your filter material direct from Filti here:


#MutualAidMask in OG Black

Sliding Scale
  • See what #MAMsays about care here.



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