Enough is Enough Bloomington Demonstration

In the Spring of 2020 in response to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN, Selena Drake, an IU Bloomington student spearheaded the organizing for a massive demonstration in Bloomington, Indiana. Turn out was estimated to be in the thousands and wear all nearly wearing masks as reported by Bloom Magazines' beautiful photo documentary. #MutualAidMasks not only constructed over 200 masks we acted as a depository for other makers sewing masks as well as donations of surgical masks. On the day of the event, we acted as a distribution center handing out over 1000 masks and we were not the only station that day. On the ground during the event members of our community including an Indiana Recovery Alliance volunteer, a Harmony School parent and local artist, Richelle Brown of StateoftheR, a fellow member of the #WearItBtown/#WearItMoco health promotion campaign for face-coverings organized by Monroe County Community Organizations Active in Disaster (MoCOAD).

Video and all photos by StateofTheR

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